It can be easy to get discouraged on going pro in football but with the right work ethic, exposure and advice, it is possible. What better advice than learning from a professional football player that has played professionally in 4 different continents? We've gathered some of Goluremi's best advice on going pro. Keep reading to know what to do next.

 First off, being in a professional academy or a top player in your area will help you get opportunities and exposure quicker. If that isn’t the case for you, that's completely okay! There are other paths to getting that same exposure and experience without wasting tons of money and time. 

 The Overview (3 min read time)

If you want to get a jump on understanding the points and mentality watch this video:  

Go to Open Tryouts, Open Trials, and Combines

This is probably the most accessible route to getting exposure but that also brings along its own challenges. Since it is the most available way for others to try out for teams, many players will also show up to compete for the same attention of the three coaches you’re after. If you are able to get enough time to impress the coaches, you may just leave with a contract, many have but many have just lost their time and money here. This can definitely be a hit or miss. Do research and check registration fees ahead of time and see if it is worth it for you.

The Problem with Joining a Football CV website

These websites are used to post your CV/resume to show off your skills and experience. It can help bring that exposure to use but it relies on just waiting and someone coming across your profile and impressing them. It is possible to be “discovered” this way but it may not be the best option if it means you’re just consistently waiting for life to do you a favor. 

Should I get an agent and scout?

This is definitely effective as they’ll help you find offers and clubs out there but only after you’ve reached a certain level. Before this is effective, you have to do the groundwork and build your way up. Once you’ve gotten through the tough part, getting an agent may be more convenient for you.

Work on your CV/Resume

This is crucial as this is how agents and scouts learn more about you as players. Choose a picture of yourself, even better if it’s an action picture with your current team. Make sure to include information such as your name, height, weight, dominant playing foot, stats, awards and achievement. It should look something like the info box on the right side of a players Wikipedia page. We've got an example for you down below just keep reading.

Add a video

Post a 3-5 minute high quality video of your best football highlights. Agents can get busy and may miss the opportunity to watch you play live so a video and your CV will be the best second thing an agent can get. This can make it easier for scouts to see what you have to offer and may even invite you for a trial.

Hopefully this advice encourages you to get out there and get back to hustling. Although the path may not be straight or easy, it is definitely worthwhile once you make it. 

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Now, if you've made it this far it's because you probably have real aspirations of the pro life. So let's see if we can get you some inside info. We wholeheartedly recommend watching the embedded videos as we took the time to lay things out as simple as possible they accompany the article perfectly.

That being said Team Goluremi wishes the best of luck to all of you that decide to go down this journey. Stay Focused. Stay Persistent and Believe. 

Most of the info on going pro doesn't really provide any action steps and I get the sense that most players are a little discouraged in trying to get started.

If you aren’t in a professional academy or a top player in your area it can be complicated trying to break into the market. You most likely have no idea where to start. On top of that, the simple avenues available to you could be expensive and even a complete waste of your time.

So with that in mind I’d like to offer up a few guidelines that should save you some time and money.

Open Tryouts, Open Trials, Combines.

This is the 
easiest and most available to the general public. And that sucks.


Because you ‘ll be competing with up to 200 other players for the attention of 3 coaches. If you stand out, great, if not, forget about your registration fee, food, travel and hotel money; that’s all gone now. By the way your registration fee can be anywhere from $150 to $1,000. I could go on and on about the way that these are set up just to make money. But I don’t want to discourage anyone from going if you have the means to do so. 
Players have earned contracts doing this. (GK GOLUREMI Tyler Back earned his first professional contract this way.) It is DEFINITELY possible. However, the odds are stacked against you.

With that in mind here’s one simple example of why clubs do this. My previous Club and hometown MLS club, Sporting Kansas City had a $258 registration fee. They allow 200 trialists
. $258 x 200= $51,600 in 2 days. Enough said.

Joining a Football CV website

Again, a similar problem to the open trials. On these websites you’ll post your CV/Resume and maybe your video. Then, wait for the stars to align and Jose Mourinho to call you and invite you to dinner where you two become best friends and you become one of his “untouchables.’ I’m exaggerating of course…but not by much. You are effectively just waiting for someone to come get you. It’s worked for some players but
 a proactive approach will take you much farther. Statistically speaking, this is also not your best option.

Contacting the club directly

Maybe you’re thinking it would be better to just contact a club yourself. Try and plead your case and see if that’s enough? It might be. But it will most likely get you nowhere. Clubs have their own way of finding players and it doesn’t involve waiting for players to call. As always, there are exceptions. If the club you’re interested in is in a relatively low league; Bordering the pro or semi pro level. They just might let you come out and train with the team. That’s technically progress but not much. There’s a better way.

Agents and Scouts

Okay, so you need an agent? Just Google one and call. Tell them you want to play and sit back and wait for the offers to come rolling in right? Isn’t that how it works?

Well actually…Yes It is.

Once you get to a certain level.

Until then you’re going to need to put in some groundwork. But don’t worry, things should get easier after you’ve got your first contract.

Please, if you only remember a few things from this article, it should be from the information below.

Now that you know that you need an agent it’s important that you understand what to look out for and what you’ll need to prepare. There’s a lot to consider when speaking to different agents. 

CV/ Resume

If you’re reading this you most likely have access to a computer. Which is perfect because email is generally how agents and scouts receive info on players. Keep it simple.

A photo (preferably action photo of your current team)

Your name, height, weight. dominant playing foot, nationality and which passports you currently hold.

Your stats, awards and achievements (Games played, Goals scored, Etc)

Here's an example:



Forget putting references on your cv. If you have an impressive reference that you think an agent may know then wait until you meet or speak on the phone before you go name-dropping.

The Highlight Video

A short video. About 3-5minutes. Do yourself a favor and get the best quality video you can. Make sure to put your best highlights up front. All of them. Agents do not care...nor do they have the time to bother watching 10 minute videos when they get bombarded with countless messages and email's everyday. Give yourself a fighting chance and front load that video.

If the agent isn’t able to watch you play live, a video and your CV will be the only info the agent has to go off of. He may even need it to convince a coach to invite you for a trial.

If you wanna dive deeper still...

Here are 5 things I wish I was taught before going pro. Enjoy. 


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  • Javad Goudarzi

    Hello, I am a very skilled technical player and have been grinding to go pro for the past two years. As I started my journey I used a lot of your guys training videos to help me improve my skills. My hard work paid off and I improved a lot but now I don’t know how to get in touch with pro clubs. Prior to corona I made a semi pro team in my city (Seattle) but then I moved to another country (Turkey) and know have no contacts here and don’t know how to get in contact with pro teams for trials. How can I get in touch with clubs and get opportunities to go to a trial if I don’t have a highlight video or other evidences of my skills as such? I have my instagram page but that is just some skill stuff. I would really appreciate any help or guidance in this regard. I train everyday and am consistent and hardworking, I am also very fit as well.

  • Ricardo Serrano

    Follow your dreams

  • Chiwemi

    Thanks for the motivation im 16 and i want to con until i reach the top.

  • Khareez Uzembe

    Thank You this is so helpful 🙏🏾

  • Ezequiel Corona

    Hey, I’ve been practicing really hard this whole year and skill wise I’m quite good but when it comes to games; i can’t show it. I’ve had opportunities to show off my skills and every time I couldn’t get a hold of my mind and end messing up. And I was wondering why are some tips that you can give someone who’s not as confident in the pitch?

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