Calma Agua - GOLUREMI
Calma Agua - GOLUREMI
Calma Agua - GOLUREMI
Calma Agua - GOLUREMI
Calma Agua - GOLUREMI

Calma Agua

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The Calma Agua

The glove features:

- 4mm White Aqua Palm; this latex will provide incredible grip in all weather conditions but keep the palm damp for the best possible performance.

- Genuflect Cut

- Full Neoprene Glove Body & Wrist entry: Helping the goalkeeper combat the cold and bad weather conditions whilst also offering a second skin feel around your wrist.

- FlexSmart embossing - Backhand embossing designed to give the glove complete freedom. We have embossed the glove with special grooves purposely for the goalkeeper to experience glove versatility like never before.

- Flymesh Blue Gussets - A lightweight and comfortable mesh on the finger gussets to deliver comfort where it matters most. The Flymesh lining will result in giving the hand total breathability to help reduce sweat and keep your hands fresh.

This glove fits true to size, we recommend purchasing your normal size even if spines are required.


If you require spines in your gloves, we are proud to be the only goalkeeper brand to offer the keeper a choice of 2 spines to suit your needs:

• Heavy Protection Spines to aid the keeper with weaker hands or past/present injuries. Or, for the keepers who prefer the ultimate protecting spines.

• Featherweight spines with Ultimate 180 Movement whilst also providing sufficient protection to give the Goalkeeper Total Confidence.

Beautifully Designed by customer Thomas Hamill.