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Footbal Card Poster Edit

Footbal Card Poster Edit

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Get a football card of Your picture with this procces:
  • Upload your picture and stats

Upload the original file of the picture you want to be edited. You can upload more the one picture then we wil pick the best one. Send pictures with high resolution and a close up view of the player with messenger (bottom right corner) or to our mail: Be sure to wright the stats you want in the mail/messege.

  • Pick the design and size

Pick from the available designs. All the designs work as templates and they can be changed to fit your needs. Select the nummer connected to the design you want. The designs does not effect the price. If you plan to print it locally make sure to check what sizes they offer. (Link to all the designs) If you plan to order a poster printing and shipping from us the size wil affect the printing cost. You can switch the size if necessary.

  • Customize the design

All the designs can be changed. Describe the changes you want. Include the name you want on, the club badge, and colour changes. This procces is showcased in the product pictures.

  • You get the digital file / this can be used to print it locally

This purchase Includes only a digital file of the poster. You can use this to print out the poster at a local shop or just use it as a mobile background for example. If you want an actual football card you can get that printed on this website:

You wil get the file sent on mail when its finished.

  • Order the printed version from out mearch store

You can order the printing and shipping of the poster from our mearch store. Then you pay some exstra for the production and shipping of the posters. We ship world wide. This is also optional.

  • If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact us.