Stretta Venum Blanco Junior - GOLUREMI

Stretta Venum Blanco Junior

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Yes...We can all agree that "White Venum" is an excellent name for your cover band. Snakes have venum but they don't have hands but The Stretta Venum Blanco Maestro's have Wrapped Roll Thumb & Under Thumb for greater ball control. When you get done stopping shots you might as well just leave the gloves on and do a guitar solo...It would sound ridiculous but you'd look insanely cool.


Elite Goalkeeper Gloves

  • PROTECTION: YES-5 Finger Removable Exo-Skel Protection

  • PALM:4MM + 2MM  German Dura-Soft Latex

  • CUT: ERgo Square Flat Palm

  • BODY: Air-Control Pro Mesh

  • WRIST BAND: Pro Stretch Elastic with Soft Border

  • BAKCHAND: Synth-Soft Latex Ultra Embossed

  • STRAP: Aviata Double Wrap Stretch Elastic Strap with Customization Window

  • WRAP: Top Thumb Roll