You are only as good as your teammate. Thankfully we are the most epic, most badass corporate non-corporate team in the world. United by our love of soccer (or "football" calm down ), we work around the clock to deliver you the content and products you need to ball out like the greats. No matter where you go or what you do, #TeamGoluremi has your back.






Prof. Bmili

Founder of Awesomeness Head Of Goluremi Space Force Hide And Seek World Record Holder
Mr Goluremi himself. Our great founder, leader, and general in the battle against boring games and uninspired play.  You think she's kidding about our Space Force. Just wait for 2022. No one has the formula to greatness like Professor Bmili. 



Goalie The Mastermind Behind It All
Tyler is head of nothing. He is a goalie and we accept him for who he is. His rap name is MC Spectrum. 
Daisy runs the show. It‘s her world and we’re lucky to be a part of it.


Organizer of Organizing.