Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules
Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules
Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules
Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules

Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules

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Support for Strength, Stamina, and Wellness

Experience the natural power of Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) mushrooms, a unique parasitic fungi renowned for its health benefits. Traditionally grown on insect hosts, our Cordyceps are cultivated on a vegetarian, grain-based substrate, ensuring a sustainable and vegan-friendly source. Cordyceps is celebrated for its potential to enhance immunity, increase red blood cell production, and support cardiovascular and glucose health.*

Product Features:

  • Potent Formula: Each serving of 2 vegetarian capsules delivers 1g of Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Mycelium Powder.
  • High Standardization: Standardized to 40% polysaccharides, 400 mg for maximum efficacy.
  • Pure and Safe: Free from sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.
  • Quality Assured: U.S. grown, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan.

Health Benefits:

  • Boosts Physical Performance: May enhance VO2 Max, increasing oxygen availability during exercise.*
  • Energy Support: Known to increase ATP production, providing essential energy to muscles.*
  • Anti-Aging Properties: Traditionally used to reduce fatigue, enhance strength, and restore vitality, particularly in the elderly.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Supports healthy blood sugar levels, as suggested by several studies.*
  • Heart Health: Potential to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, promoting cardiovascular wellness.*
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: May suppress proteins that trigger inflammation, promoting a healthy inflammatory response.*
  • Mood and Libido Enhancement: Historically used as an aphrodisiac and for mood enhancement, with roots tracing back to 15th century Tibetan medicine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Details:

  • Ingredients: Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Mycelium Powder (Standardized to 40% polysaccharides), Vegan capsule (modified cellulose, water), silica.
  • Origin: USA
  • Manufacturer Country: USA
  • Amount: 60 vegan capsules
  • Weight: 90g (0.2 lb)

Here's a table outlining a suggested dosage of Health Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules according to different age groups:

Age Group Suggested Dosage Frequency
Children (6-12) 1 capsule Once daily
Teenagers (13-17) 1-2 capsules Once daily
Adults (18-64) 2 capsules Once daily
Seniors (65+) 1-2 capsules (depending on individual tolerance) Once daily

Usage Instructions:

  • Children (6-12): Start with 1 capsule per day. Consult with a healthcare professional before use.
  • Teenagers (13-17): Take 1-2 capsules per day based on individual health needs and recommendations from a healthcare professional.
  • Adults (18-64): Take 2 capsules per day for optimal benefits.
  • Seniors (65+): Start with 1 capsule per day and increase to 2 capsules if well tolerated. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

Note: These dosages are general guidelines. Individual requirements may vary based on health conditions and professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement regimen.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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