Legend says there’s a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence which is invisible to the naked eye but can be revealed with chemicals. For centuries, the map has been in secrecy, but if followed correctly, riches and treasures will be found. Okay yes, that is the plot to National Treasure but what if it were actually true. Have you seen the back of the Declaration of Independence?  Probably not, so how can you be so sure a treasure map isn’t actually there.

It may sound a little crazy but have you ever wondered about other crazy possibilities? What if the world actually ended in 2012 and that’s why the world is getting crazier everyday? What about the aliens that need to be saved at Area 51? Is Earth really a floating round rock flying through space? Was Ronaldo dying in the 1998 World Cup? What if all these super crazy conspiracy theories aren’t so crazy after all. Is it possible our whole lives have been lies? Here’s Five of the Craziest Conspiracy Theories out there.

  1. The Earth is Flat.
    Have you ever been to the moon? Absolutely not. Therefore you’ve never seen the Earth from outer space other than the pictures provided by NASA. So how can you be so sure that the Earth truly is a sphere and not flat. It may sound a little far fetched but what if you could actually find the ends of the planet and just fall off? Except Flat-Earthers believe in the Pac-Man Effect. Instead of falling off the Earth, you are being teleported when you come near the edge just like Pac-Man does in the game. Next time you ride a plane, remember that it’s teleportation and that’s why airplanes are so fast.
  1. Aliens and Area 51.
    Did you sign up for the Facebook event to storm Area 51 and save the captured aliens? If you didn’t, it’s never too late, I mean they can’t stop all of us right? Wrong. Area 51 is so lowkey and secure that if anyone tried to trespass...you can picture the rest. In all seriousness, why is Area 51, a military base in the middle of f*cking nowhere, so protected? And why the hell is it even called Area 51? People have reported seeing strange unidentified objects and loud unfamiliar sounds.  Could it be because there are green guys running loose? Information about it is so unknown that it wasn’t until last year that you could see satellite images of it.  Maybe they’re training  aliens to be part of the military and that’s why nobody wants the secret out.
  1. We are living in a Simulation.
    Remember how everyone was freaking out over the supposed end of the world in 2012. People had been preparing for years, waiting for the awaited December 21 of 2012, but luckily the end didn’t come...or did it? Think about it, hasn’t the world been a little off since then? All the crazy weather changes, mass shootings/terrorism, clowns on the loose one year then ebola the next and of course robots. This conspiracy is based around the world actually ending in 2012 but has continued to exist via a simulation, there’s even been reported glitches. There’s one piece of evidence that just really seals the deal and that’s the 2016 Presidential Election in the U.S. Donald Trump, an inexperienced, reality star and twitter obsessive person...practically another Kim Kardishan, was elected as president...how?? A GLITCH IN THE SIMULATION. There’s literally no other explanation.
  1. Ronaldo and the 1998 World Cup Final.
    The year is 1998, World Cup Final, Brazil vs. France. France was getting ready to fight for what would become their first World Cup title against the tournament’s favorites Brazil. France was on it but they weren’t the favorites despite being the host country. Who could blame them when Brazil had badass Ronaldo? So why is it that the 1998 World Cup was such a failure for Ronaldo? Ronaldo had been playing like the beast that he was matched before but it was the day of the final when things went down. Rumor has it that he had been crying before the game. Hours before he suffered from a medical emergency and was even taken off the starter sheet but then added back less than an hour before. Maybe he was dying and didn’t want to tell anyone about it or maybe he agreed to a fixed game for money but knew it would disappoint his country forever. To this day, no one really knows what happened to one of the world’s greatest in history in 1998.
  1. 9/11
    September 11 2001. A day remembered as the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. As history goes on to say, airplanes were hijacked, two of which hit the Twin Towers causing them to fall and kill thousands of people. Life changed forever creating new laws and starting the war on terror. But what if it’s not as black and white as it’s been portrayed in the media. When George Bush found out, he was reading to kids and didn’t seem worried at all. Even Johnny Bravo predicted it beforehand. People who happened to survive the attack remember hearing what sounded like bombs going off at the lower stages of the towers. That can’t be true, right? The planes hit the towers at the top so there is no reason why bombs should’ve gone in the bottom unless...Could this mean that 9/11 was actually an inside job? Was this all part of a plan to start an unnecessary war for its own capitalist desires? Maybe we will find out the truth in 30 years when the documents are leaked.


By now you’re probably mindblown AF and probably rethinking your whole life and doubting your whole existence. Remember these are all theories so we can’t say it's true but they’re not a lie either soooo...watch out for aliens.

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