Want to learn a new language fast? Try this!

Want to learn a new language fast? Try this!

You’re ready for your South American adventure when you realize that you have no idea how to say “Where is the bathroom?” in Spanish.  The thought of picking up a new language and practicing everyday seems daunting but the benefits outweigh the pain it can bring along. Although it can appear as an impossible task, learning a new language does not have to mean that you’re speaking at a native level but rather speaking it well enough to ask any important questions to get around. Most may picture themselves learning in a classroom but there’s far more methods to learn than that. Looking for something more innovative and fun, try these six ways to learn a new language fast.

  1. Language learning apps

    Remember Duolingo? Well, it's your best friend now. Apps like Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and others are designed to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation right at your fingertips. If you have a busy schedule, using language apps are an easy way to get your daily practice in while you walk to class, wait for your doctor, or even on your lunch break.

  2. Read and Write

    This may give more classroom vibes but there is nothing more beneficial than reading and writing to improve your skill level in the new language. Pick out a book that you really like and have read before but in the language you’re trying to learn. This will make it easier for you to use context clues to understand what you’re reading. Want to impress your crush? Practice your grammar and writing skills by sending your crush a romantic message.

  3. Watch movies and TV shows

    Watching movies and TV shows in the language you’re learning can be an entertaining way to pick up on new words you may not have heard before while practicing your reading skills with subtitles. If you feel like taking extra time out of your day to practice your skills, this can be an easy way to continue to reinforce the new knowledge without doing any extra work. 

  4. Listen to music 

    No matter what the language is, if the song is a banger, you’ll learn how to sing it. Music connects us with other cultures and can be a great way to work on the pronunciation of new words. What better way to avoid looking like a tourist if you know all the main artists of the country you’re visiting. 

  5. Learn through social media

    You are literally on your phone 24/7 so use it to your advantage. If you’re someone who absolutely loves social media, follow language accounts in the language you’re learning on Twitter and Instagram for a quick and easy access to new words and phrases. Engage with other native speakers and people learning the language to increase your confidence. 

  6. Attend cultural events

    Want to meet new people? This is the golden opportunity to do that. Find events where you can get involved with the culture you’ll immerse yourself in whether that be festivals, cooking class or a foreign movie premier. There will be no better place to get first-hand experience in practicing the new words you’ve picked up prior to your trip than doing it from the comfort of your own city. 

    Learning a new language is no easy task but it's one that is worth it. Although you won’t become a polyglot from one day to the next, you’ll learn the tips and tricks to pick up a language easier, allowing you to see the world from a different perspective than you had before. Still not sure where to start, check this video out!