For the love of the game, you tolerated a lot of things. Some of them you genuinely loved, others not so much. Still, those moments were unforgettable and will live in your memory forever.

  1. There was nothing you feared more than getting hit with this ball in the rain. You would be guaranteed a black out if you were.
  2. Arm muscle?? I don’t know her. But it didn’t matter because those thighs and calves were always looking nice regardless.
  3. Even if you decided to take the time to apply sunscreen on...which you never did...the farmer’s tan would be inevitable. With an added bonus of the sock tan that would never fade.
  4. It felt like your birthday all over again whenever you got a new pair of these.
  5. When someone got to pick their jersey number before you and they got the one you wanted.
  6. It didn’t matter how many times your coach “guaranteed” to have washed the practice bibs, you knew they would be drenched in sweat and refused to wear them.
  7. You couldn’t help but get defensive whenever someone told you that football was “just a game.”

  8. You believed that the higher the number of juggles, the better player you were. Especially if it was done with something that wasn’t a football.
  9. You found yourself playing with turf beads in the middle of practice.

  10. Speaking about turf, those burns were unforgettable, you still have all your scars from them.

  11. And if those weren’t enough, remember when you would get smacked with the ball only to find that you were left with the print. But no worries, it always felt good to showcase a battle scar.

  12. Your shin guards would smell terrible. Your bag was no exception. It reeked so bad that not even your dog would come near it.
  13. All your practices seemed worth it when you were able to bust out a skill trick during a game.

  14. Those times you managed to make a perfect pass and all your teammate had to do was score...but they didn’t. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

  15. If you weren’t out on the field playing then you were at home watching your favorite team play.

Even if you were always sore and found yourself with no freetime, football helped you create iconic memories, a collection of medals and a new family of teammates. You wouldn’t change it for a thing in the world.


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