Actor or Football Player?

Actor or Football Player?

Apart from being recognized as the world’s greatest and most popular sport, football has the reputation of being dramatic as f*ck. Players will literally throw themselves onto the pitch in hopes of drawing a foul in their favor. To make matters more believable, players roll and sometimes even pathetic. 


Based on some of the most noteworthy appearances, you'd think that these players are actors trying to score an Academy Awards nomination due to the dedication they have for drama. For the best acting appearances on the pitch, here are our Oscar Nominees for the Best Fake Foul in Football Category:

  1. Messi, considered by many as the goat, but would a goat bump into another player then spin like a little princess and fall? We will let you decide but from our book...we all know it was a total act. 

2. What is going on or in other words, WTF? Only seconds after nearly sharing an intimate moment that nearly turned into a kiss, #27 decides to risk it all to earn an Oscar nomination. The action goes from 0-100 real quick as #27 goes on with the skit and actually gets away with it. To make matters worst, despite being the one at fault, the opposite team was awarded the red card instead. Sometimes you have to act a fool and take one for the team.

  1. If you're surprised Ronaldo is on this list, you're literally delusional. Ronaldo's top three skills include being a legendary player, arrogant and an actor. His inspiration to take on acting? A three year-old having a tantrum. Look at him roll...could be better.  Rating: 8/10

Not only does the World Cup bring on a different level of competition, it also creates the most ultimate motion picture movies. Here's two short films that exhibit the acting talent football players hold.

  1. The year is 2014. The World Cup is down to the Round of 16 with Mexico playing against the Netherlands. The score is a 1-1 tie running on extra time. With time on the clock and wanting to secure a late goal, Robben decided to take a dive into the field and perform quite an act. The hands in the air? That shocked look? Impressive. The Netherlands were awarded with a penalty kick, advancing to the quarterfinals and crushing the hearts of Mexicans around the world. Robben later admitted to diving on purpose in hopes of a call from the referee but claims that the penalty awarded was an actual foul. Real or Myth? No words. To this day, Mexicans mourn by saying No era penal.

World Cup 2018: Kylian Mbappe dive, contact from Cristian Rodriguez, Uruguay  v France

 2. The international superstar that took the world on hold, Mbappé, quickly mastered the injured act during his first huge debut on the national French team. One minute he is fine but the next he is doing a backflip, even the Uruguayans seemed distraught with his performance.

And the Academy Award Goes To:
Top 30 Neymar Flop GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat
That's right, Neymar. If there’s a player who would win every Oscar nomination out there, it’s Neymar. Have you seen him dive? His flops? Unbelievable. According to Vox, 60% of his total dives tend to be during tied games (we see what you’re doing). He looks completely ridiculous but if it works, it works. Nice try Neymar. But maybe next time someone please give him a baby walker. 



At this point, it is fact that anyone can fall during a match and get rewarded. We don't recommend pulling a stunt to get a foul and score a goal. As a football player, you should rely on your skill but if you must and you have the skills for acting, go for it. Fall, roll, and add a few tears if you really want to impress. Maybe it'll work in your favor or people will absolutely make fun of you for it. The choice is yours.