Cristiano Ronaldo: Egocentric or Misunderstood?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Egocentric  or Misunderstood?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Am I the greatest and the hottest of them all?

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for a lot of things his penalty kicks, his vicious thighs, and of course, being obsessed with himself. From posting shirtless selfies with captions like “Enjoy the view” or watching himself on video while his team is playing IRL, Could it be that his so-called arrogance is really misunderstood? Maybe it’s that same confidence that has enabled him to conquer all of Europe with every team he’s played on and set multiple records. Still, whether you love or hate him, his skills on the field are unquestionable. So what does it take to be the next Ronaldo?

Top Four CR7 Skills 

  1. Dribbling Style: Whereas his style once focused on fooling defenders, Ronaldo uses dribbling tricks as a way to change the pace of the game to find opportunities to score. To surpass the opponent like Ronaldo, the trick must be done just right to leave the defender behind and have enough time to score. Gooolllll...golazoooo!!!

  2. Attacking 1v1: Next time you see yourself going 1v1, think about doing a CR7 chop which is really just stopping the ball dead. This can give you enough time to either pass or take a shot to score. 

  3. Shooting and Knuckleball: As we all know, Ronaldo loves himself a good knuckleball. It is important to know how to set one up for yourself in a game, which can be done if the ball is moving forward. Watch the perfect knuckleball tutorial for a closer look on how to achieve one!

  4. Mentality, Focus & Desire: Although Cristiano Ronaldo compares himself to God and clearly loves himself… A LOT, it’s that same mentality that allows him to outdo himself at every game. Ronaldo could care less what others think and instead uses that negativity to prove them wrong and improve each time. His confidence and desire to be the one to do what seemed impossible have further proved that he is indeed the GOAT.

So next time you feel like hating on Ronaldo’s selfie on Instagram or want to call him arrogant, remember that he is an international symbol of success in the world of professional soccer with a mentality of a champion.


How to Play Like Cristiano Ronaldo - Shoot, Dribble and Think like Ronaldo

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