STOP using your size as an excuse!

STOP using your size as an excuse!

You show up to tryouts and everybody's 6ft plus, ripped and faster than the Flash. You're a scrawny, lean, 5’8’’. Should that stop you? 

Here’s 6 reasons that will make you stop whining about your size and get you feeling like the unstoppable machine that you are.


  1. Football is open to all: Anyone is capable of playing football regardless of their size or physical appearance as compared to other sports like basketball where height is a huge advantage when shooting. Not that someone who is small wouldn’t have the ability to do so but their dunks might look a little like this…

  2. Science Proved: According to Biomechanics, the centre of gravity of a shorter person is closer to the ground = better balance. This makes it easier to control the ball and have a better agility.
  3. Shorter players can get away with anything: Okay maybe not anything but they are less likely to be called out by referees opposed to a taller opponent. This could be because height is often associated with aggression.

  4. Mentality: Believing in yourself and continuing to work hard is what makes you better. Practicing to give your absolute best or like Bixente Lizarazu says  “Us short guys, when we decide to do something we give it 120 percent.” That or you just want to shut everyone up and make them stop calling you shorty.

  5. Little Big Stars: Many of the world’s professional football players were rejected or told they wouldn’t go anywhere for being small. Messi, Maradona and Pelé are some of the smallest in the game but are considered GOATs.

    Little doesn't mean bad. Tall doesn’t mean good. Plus you may just be a late bloomer.

  6. Moves like Jagger: Being short can be an advantage especially if you are a midfielder or forward. You can swerve between small spaces, have quicker stepping patterns, amazing dribbling ability than those who are taller.

Does size matter? No. NO. NOOOOOOO.

Although it may feel like a disadvantage, being shorter doesn’t determine your success unless you let it. Practice work hard, and remember that some of the greatest football legends weren’t tall either. So get off that couch, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to it shorty.

Need an extra laugh before getting to work?

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