Top Five Maradona Moments

Top Five Maradona Moments

Known as the world’s greatest, Diego Armando Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020, causing worldwide mourning. It didn’t matter if you never got to see Maradona play live or on television, you knew who he was and the influence he had on the game. As the world continues to pay homage to the G.O.A.T. Here are five of his best football moments. 

The Hand of God 

You can’t talk about Maradona without talking about this iconic moment. During the 1986 FIFA World Cup quarter final, Maradona used a bit of his magic to score a goal. Maradona was going head-to-head with Peter Shilton with an air ball when Maradona used his hand to give it the final push into the goal. To everyone’s surprise, the goal was counted causing a bit of uproar as some consider it cheating and the Hand of God became legendary.

Argentina vs. West Germany 1986

West Germany knew that in order to win the World Cup Final they had to tear down Maradona. Although West Germany was able to beat all other competitors, Maradona got the best of them during minute 83 of the final. In what isn't much of a surprise, Argentina took the title with a 3-2 score after the Maradona goal.

Boca Juniors 1980s

Age was never a problem with Maradona. At only 15, he was accomplishing things that one can only wish. Maradona took words of attack against his character and physical appearance and created a defeat so good that the goalkeeper for Boca Juniors wished he had kept his mouth shut. The goalkeeper, Hugo Gatti supposedly commented on Maradona’s weight which then gave Maradona the determination to finish them quickly. If there’s one thing you should learn, never judge a book by its cover.

The 1990 World Cup

Brazil was pretty upset about this one. Brazil was declared a winner in their group stage and was doing really good with a bright future on the World Cup path. Of course, this all ended when Maradona came to play. In a twist of events, Argentina won 1-0 against Brazil. Maradona magic never dies.

The Goal of the Century 

Everyone knows the special skills that Maradona had. His speed, agility and unique footwork made him stand out among everyone else on the field. During the 1986 FIFA World Cup, not only did Maradona deliver the “Hand of God” but also redeemed himself by giving us the “Goal of the Century.” In what looks like an action movie, Maradona speeds and swerves his way along what almost seems the entire squad of the opposite team and manages to score the goal all on his own. Imagine being your own assist and making a goal so awesome that it’s called the goal of the century?! Only Maradona.

Although Maradona is no longer alive, generations will continue to be inspired by the countless memories he created on the pitch. No matter how many years go on,  his legacy will continue to live on for generations on generations.