Top Five Mistakes that make you suck

Top Five Mistakes that make you suck

You go to practice everyday. Maybe even work out to build muscle strength. You’ve been playing for months, maybe even years but the coach sees more potential in someone who just started over you. What are you doing wrong? What is the missing piece of the puzzle? Here’s the Top Five Mistakes you need to stop doing now.


  1. Not practicing on your own. Okay so you never miss a day of training. So what? Practicing with your teammates is crucial, given that football is a team game but not taking the initiative and dedication to practice on your individual skills can cause a major setback on your overall player performance.

  2. Letting nerves get the best of you. Feeling nervous is beyond normal, especially right before a tournament or championship game. It’s your job to calm down, breathe and remind yourself that you got this in the bag.

  3. Not knowing how to deal with disappointment. Nobody likes to lose but even the GOATS take some Ls. But that shouldn’t mean you should give up, on the other hand that should be your new fuel to be better. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo have noted that the failures and criticism motivated them to be better.

  4. Never getting out of your comfort zone. You finally got the Maradona down, so why haven’t you used it during a game? Oh right, you’re scared of messing up. If you never shoot, you’ll never know...literally. So step it up and be confident.

  5. Not setting proper goals. You say, “I will become the world’s best player in the world” but how exactly are you planning on achieving that? Obviously you won’t get bit by a spider and wake up with super athletic powers. Instead, set small goals within a realistic timeframe and build yourself up to your ultimate goal.

Solving these mistakes will not only help you get at the level you want to be at in football but can also be applied to any other sport or situation. Remember to work hard and play hard.

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