Become a Gym God

Become a Gym God


All your friends are going to the gym religiously and what are you doing? Absolutely nothing. You keep telling yourself that you’re going to start being physically active but instead you continue to make excuses. Being fit and healthy can be challenging but the outcome is more than worth it. Sometimes all you need is extra motivation and a place to get started. Here’s what you need to do to become the fitness God you dream of being.

Be confident.

If you’re a beginner, it can be intimidating to start. Nobody wants to look stupid and that’s a fact but that shouldn’t discouraging you from trying. If you don’t take the initial step to go out there and go to the gym, you’ll never get better. Remember that there are so many people who are going to the gym for the first time and more than likely feeling just as scared as you, so why bother with trying to look perfect?

Do some research.

Although it's perfectly normal to not know anything about the gym or what to do on each machine, it is really helpful to do a quick Google search before going. Watching youtube videos that show different exercises, explain how to use machines, explaining the terminology, etc. is super useful as it will get you a better idea on what you’re getting yourself into. No one expects you to become the all-knowing after watching a few videos but it will make you feel more confident and less clueless about it. Still, its highly encouraged to ask for help and questions if you are wanting to try something new and aren’t exactly sure how to start.

Remember you have options.

Everyones’ initial dream/goal is to get right into weight training. Go big or go home right? Wrong. This goal is definitely achievable and a great one to have but you don’t have to make it your focus right away. There are so many ways to work out at a gym especially if you go to a gym that gives you plenty of accommodations. Obviously hit the machines and work on strength building but why not try swimming one of those days? Need extra motivation? Join a group fitness class. Want to work on your flexibility? Attend the yoga class. There’s so many options so why limit yourself?

Get a friend to go with you.

Everything just feels better when you’re not doing it alone. Get a friend who is just starting off or even a more advanced friend that will help you out. The important thing is that you feel supported and have someone that will hold you accountable to go to the gym. Now at least you’ll have someone to film you once you start your Instagram page for your workouts.  

It may be difficult but the important thing is TO START. It’s not just about looking good, its about feeling good about yourself. The benefits of working out and being physically active are far too many to type out but just know that you’ll be living healthier, feeling confident, and may even meet new people. It’s 2021. It’s time to actually go for it.