Feeling Anxious? Try this.

Feeling Anxious? Try this.
We all know the feeling: Sweaty palms, weird feeling in the stomach, thoughts racing and heartbeat speeding away. That's anxiety. Living with anxiety is like being nervous at all time, fearing that something may occur even if it's out of your control while others may feel a temporary moment of anxiety and nervousness before big life moments. Still, anxiety or the feeling of being anxious can make you feel unproductive, frustrated or even upset. Here are some tips on how to cope with anxiety:
Figure out the Problem.
There are five different ways in which anxiety mainly manifests including, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and social phobia. Paying attention to what situations, people or things bring about those feelings can allow you to better understand what is making you feel a certain way and learn to adjust. 
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Accept It. 
Mental health is as important and valuable to your life as is physical health. Anxiety is a common feeling for many and you should never feel sorry or ashamed for having anxiety. Instead, embrace mental health and learn how to bring peace to your inner self.
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Just Breathe. 
Even on the worst days, don't forget to breathe...or you’ll pass out. Breathing techniques, listening to music or ASMR, and focusing on your sensory feelings can help decrease the physical symptoms that come along with anxiety such as a racing heart. Going out for a run, exercising, sportsyoga and meditation, can also help clear your mind.
You’re about to go to sleep when you suddenly remember all the shit you have to do tomorrow and now you’re worried about the next 24 hours without getting any sleep. STOP THAT. Try keeping a journal nearby so you can jot down these ideas that pop in randomly, whether that be at night or during the day. This can also help in characterizing any patterns in your anxiety levels. 
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You Got This. 
Sometimes anxiety can build up by simply thinking about what you have to do and the possibility of forgetting a certain item. What's the solution? A To-Do List. Not only does it help you stay organized, it also creates a visual where you can keep progress of your day, making you feel productive and in control. If that doesn't convince you, there's something oddly satisfying about crossing something out even if it’s so unnecessarily pointless like "read emails". 
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Give Yourself A Break.
Schedule a breakdown, literally. Assigning specific times to feel anxious can make it easier to move on from the problem. This is because you’ve accepted the feelings a situation gives you and decided to feel this way for only a short period of time and moving on. 
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Care package.
Making yourself a care package is a way to be ready for an attack. This can consist of a coloring book, movies, an object or your journal; anything that will relax you and make you feel better.  Think of it as a calming gift to yourself.

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Your health is always priority and that means taking equal care of both your body and mind. The way you eat, sleep, and are physically active have an impact on both so make sure to treat yourself good. Find the balance between the two, reach out to loved ones, and seek guidance from health & wellness professionals if you become too overwhelmed.  Whatever it is that is causing you to have anxiety, remember that you GOT THIS! Play football and release all that tension you have, you’ll feel good as new for sure. But if you feel like you don't actually got it, reach out to professionals and other resources. Remember there is nothing to be ashamed of in doing what must be done for your well-being!