How to become Mentally Powerful

How to become Mentally Powerful

A pandemic, climate change, and politics. In other words, never ending chaos. Everything around us continues to change continuously and rapidly. Still as we all know, life goes on even if we don't know how to move forward. Navigating emotions through the turmoil is not an easy task but its an important one in order to have a healthy life. Although it is not an over night lesson, it is possible to become mentally strong and powerful. 

Follow these steps to become a better you.

1. Turn your thoughts into an action 

When you're driving around and see a red light, you step on the brakes. More likely than not (if you've been driving for a while), you don't think to yourself "Step on brakes". Instead, your body just does it because it has trained to drive. In this same way, taking the thought into an intuitive space allows you to just do it, because you know that it is exactly what you were supposed to do. 

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2. Practice 

Like any new habit, thinking and acting from an intuitive space can take time to learn which is why practice is crucial. Using the intuitive space simply means acting based on the heart and feelings instead of thinking out loud through the motions of the things you'll do. Another way of looking at it is listening to your gut feeling instead of ignoring it. When you get a strong emotion in your gut feeling telling you to do something, do it, don't think about it. 

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3. Focus your mental energy

Why is it that when you're trying to sleep, every single possible thought that could come in your head does? This is due to the lack of focus in your mental energy. One of the greatest remedies to learn to quiet the mind and just be is meditation. With practice,  meditation teaches the mind how to stop having racing thoughts and disciplines the mind to focus all its energy into one thought only. 

4. Connection 

To help the mind be disciplined and truly focused, whatever the thought you're trying to focus on must have a connection to you. This connection is important because when one truly cares about a certain thing, it brings the connection and emotion that allows the mind to focus on one thing only.

5. Acceptance 

As much as we may want things to always go our way, oftentimes that is not the reality. Coming to the realization that there will be failures and challenges along the way is crucial as you build up your mental strength. Learning that mistakes are part of the journey and not the destination will allow you to come to true acceptance. Once you've done this, your ability to overcome any situation will heighten. 


You are capable of anything you set out to do, regardless of how difficult it may seem. Every day is an opportunity to grow as a person and become a better you. Share the compassion and patience you have for others towards yourself and watch your view towards life improve.