How to Calm the F*ck Down

How to Calm the F*ck Down

We all know the feeling. Everything is going wrong, deadlines are approaching and you’re nowhere near to being done. You probably are getting little to no sleep and even forgot to eat. You may start crying or having a nervous breakdown. So what does all of this mean? YOU’RE STRESSED. So now that we have stated the obvious, how can you deal with stress? Here’s Goluremi’s Top 8. 



Oftentimes, we don’t even realize we're dealing with stress. Being stressed can have plenty of physical and emotional symptoms such as low energy, feeling overwhelmed or moody, trouble sleeping, acne, and headaches among others. Once you recognize stress, then you can move on to dealing with it. 


If there is something specific causing you to stress out such as school or work due to the schedule, maybe you should back off a little. Although some people want to be full time students in order to finish by a particular date, it’s okay to reduce the workload by switching into a part-time student or employee. If that doesn’t convince you, you can have a weekend getaway from school or ask for a few days off work!


Planners may not be for everyone but there’s so many different ways to be organized. For many, being stressed is deprived from feeling overwhelmed with tasks or emotions. A simple way to deal with this is having a visual of all the things that need to be done, whether thats a calendar, planner or to-do list. Perk: It feels oddly satisfying to check something off when you’re done.


Write, draw, or sing to relieve that stress. Get your crazy creative side out and watch your stress become art. Honestly, just use an old coloring book and focus on coloring as a way to sort through your thoughts! 


Eat. Drink Water. Repeat. When one is constantly worrying about something, it is easy to forget about anything else, even if that's food. Stay hydrated and drink water or else you’ll faint and that's no good. Pack snacks and eat your three meals a day. Set reminders if you need to. Side note: Drinking tea can also be good as it’s a warm drink that  can have a soothing effect and a little sweeter than water.


Have a day to yourself. Throw on those face masks, have a nice little bath and relax. Watch that show on Netflix you've been wanting to binge. Listen to a podcast and get inspired. Do the things that make you happy. Get some wine if you’re into that. Get a pedicure. Go buy yourself some new socks. Play with your dog, you get the point. TREAT YO SELF.


Why not use all that negative energy from the stress you have in forming a better and healthier you. Go to the gym and work out. If you’re not into that, maybe try some yoga or even aerobics. Wanna become a better dancer? That’s also a workout. Any physical activity can be used as a positive way to deal with stress.


Got some spare cash? Then you can invest in some of these. These products can be used as a way to deal with that overbearing stress. 

  • Scalp Massager (You may look like an alien from Area 51 but you’ll be relaxed)
  • Use Pixel Thoughts (This website will let you send your worries away)
  • Buy a Fidget Spinner (They weren’t popular for no reason)
  • Make Slime (You can literally do this at home, just steal your parents cleaning supplies)
  • Aromatherapy Candles (Make the place smell good and feel good) 
  • Get a Dog (Who doesn’t feel better after petting a dog??)


Remember stress is common and nothing unordinary. Stress is usually related to being a negative feeling but not all stress is bad. If the stress is more than what you can handle, remember that it is good to reach out for professional help whether that be counseling or therapy!