How to motivate yourself to be better?

How to motivate yourself to be better?

We all know that we should get out there and exercise and do everything else we keep saying we are going to do...but we don’t. So how do you get in the mindset to actually go through with it? Here are three ways to motivate yourself and stop procrastinating on your goals. 


Be Easy on Yourself. 

It’s good to make goals for yourself but it’s important to make them realistic. Having high expectations only to not fulfill them, will make you less motivated and will discourage you. Instead, create small reachable goals that’ll help you stay consistent. Don’t add unnecessary pressure to yourself but don’t procrastinate either. The goal is to create a new habit by giving yourself small deadlines to keep you consistent. It's also key to stay healthy by drinking water, taking supplements and sleeping enough. Without good health, those goals are harder to achieve. 

Manifest it. 

Jordan Peterson has something called the future authoring program. It’s an attempt to get people to write in detail what they want from life in the upcoming years. In this program, you're forced to describe your worst fears and fully describe how your life would look and feel like if you didn't achieve your goals. The idea is that you’ll have your goals clearly defined in your head so you'll do everything in your power to head towards the good path and not the bad one. Do the same for your workout. What would 30 days from now look like? 90 days? 6 months? Etc. Then look at the opposite. WRITE IT DOWN! IT WILL HELP CLARIFY IT.

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Get friends. 

It's true when they say, "You are what you surround yourself with." So surround yourself with people who will motivate you to do better. Starting a new habit can be challenging, even when you know it is good for you and it's something you want for yourself. Having someone who will help keep you consistent and accountable is the key to getting started. Why are wingman's so important? Because they push you to make the first move even when you're scared to. It's the same idea here. 


Remember that the hardest part is always to get started. Once you decide to take the first step and truly remain committed to the end goal, it is smooth sailing from there. With the new year here, take this opportunity to really work on yourself, building new habits and staying consistent. Make this year yours!