The Ultimate Nutrition Guide

The Ultimate Nutrition Guide

The weather is increasing, the sun is shining, and vacation mode is about to get activated. Social media posts are full of getting the summer body ready but no one talks about how they do it. So how can you achieve that healthy glow you’re looking for? What should athletes do to make sure they’re at the top of the game? All the answers you’re seeking, we got you covered. Everyone’s body is different but here are the answers to top nutrition questions answered by us for you. 

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Let's start with the basics:

Being healthy is all about having a balance, you can’t expect to have the results you want if you continue to eat food that isn’t good for you. Those chicken wings can wait. This doesn’t mean you have to stop eating junk and greasy food forever, it just means you have to eat it in moderation. Although everyone wants to look great for summer whether that is by building muscle or losing weight, being healthy should be a year-round goal, especially if you’re an athlete. 

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Q: So what shouldn’t I eat? 

Do we have to say it? You already know what it is but in case you’re in denial my friend: cake, junk food, candy, etc. are all foods that don’t have any actual benefits to our bodies other than take away our energy. Avoiding things like heavily processed food and sugar loaded food will take you in the right direction. Again don’t deprive yourself completely from the joys of junk food and sweets but don’t eat them on the daily.

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Q: What foods should I have in my daily diet? 

Glad you asked cause here we have the top six things you should have in your meals EVERYDAY!
  1. Vegetables: All those green leaves that you refuse to eat called vegetables are a must because of the antioxidants that they hold. Not only are vegetables a must, the way you cook them has a huge impact on how beneficial it’ll be to your body. If you can eat them raw -- do it. If not, steam them if you decide to cook them. 
  2. Fruits: If you’re hitting them or playing sports, your body will feel drained which is why it's important to eat fruits that will re-energize you to keep going. Three fruits that you should never miss out on are bananas, berries and oranges since they help with muscle fatigue and immune system. 
  3. Carbs: Yes, carbs definitely have a bad rep but they’re still important if you pick the right ones such as quinoa, rolled oats, whole grain pasta and brown rice. They help fuel your brain, kidneys, and keep your blood cholesterol levels in check, just make sure to be intentional with the carbs you’re putting in your body. 
  4. Fats: Yes, we said no to fatty foods. No this isn’t a typo. Yes, some fats are healthy because they support cell growth and provide energy. Think trailmix when you’re wondering what we mean by healthy fats such as things like nuts, chia seeds, peanut butter, coconut oil and avocados. 
  5. Probiotics: It’s easy to forget about this one as many people usually skip over but they’re important to the digestive system and supporting healthy guts. Eating greek yogurt, kefir or kombucha will get what you need to keep that stomach running efficiently.  
  6. Protein: You want to look toned? Wanna look like a bodybuilder? You need protein or it's never going to happen. Eggs, chicken, banza pasta, lentils, beans, etc are all great sources of protein.

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Q: How much water should I really be drinking?

People always rave about the 8 cups of water per day but do people actually do it? What if you’re an athlete is that really enough? You never want to be dehydrated because then you’ll die and having too much water is also a problem. If the weather is up and you’ve been sweating, you should stack up on water but don’t obsess over how much water you drink either. If you’re playing a game, hydrate hours before by drinking 2-3 bottles of water, take some sips during warm-ups and games and then recharge and drink water to replace the fluids you lost. 


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P.S. Other drink alternatives: Teas, kombucha, coconut water, sports drinks (but only when you’re actually playing sports)


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Q: Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Yes and no. If you are one of those people who can have a full course breakfast at 6am, good for you weirdo. Just kidding, in all seriousness not everyone is able to handle that much food so early on but if they don’t eat something then, they might risk starving later or eating unhealthy snacks. What do you do? Make yourself a protein shake. Use fresh fruits or vegetables and add some protein powder and you’re set for the morning. 

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Q: What about supplements?

Sometimes it can be hard to get everything you need in your diet and that's when supplements come in. When you’re lacking on certain foods and vitamins, supplements are your best friends. Obviously don’t rely on them solely but it's good to use them as an extra push to get the nutrients you need. Some supplements like Ashwagandha can be used to help with endurance, stress and even brain health.

You have it here folks, any question you have about nutrition you ask, we answer. Want to know every detail? Head over to our Youtube Channel, subscribe if you haven't, and watch Eat Like a Pro-Footballer for all the tips and secrets. Get that BODY-YODY that Megan Thee Stallion talked about and eat those greens.