Want to be Remembered? Do this.

Want to be Remembered? Do this.
The truth is, you are probably already an interesting and memorable person. You're probably just not conveying that to others. 
There was a friend whom considered his interest in coin collecting a rather mundane hobby. On the surface it might be. It’s not a rocket fueled jet car with Kim Kardashian and 8 briefcases of cash so we’re not supposed to be interested in it right?


But when the guy started pulling out stories of where the coins came from and who may have had them...Shit started getting interesting. Coins from countries that didn’t exist anymore...dates and times where only royalty and upper class could have had possession of them. My eyes started to perk up when I realized I was holding parts of history in my hand.

“Hang on one sec, I don’t usually show people these ones.” He went to pull out a small box he had hidden under a desk and other boxes. The small wooden box was so pristine it looked like he cleaned it with his toothbrush every night right after he brushed his own teeth.

“I don’t know if i’m supposed to have these” He looked at me with excitement as if he knew whatever he had couldn’t disappoint. I opened the box and wasn’t immediately sure what i was looking at. I started to rummage through the few amounts of coins and jewel-like materials possibly gold or bronze. (I don’t know... I’m not a historian okay i have no clue) then it dawned on me as I saw the symbols.

Nazi Coins. This guy had found his way into some Nazi coins and very likely some other possible stuff as well. I asked how he got ‘em and all he gave me were some smirks and nods.

So...Ya. It’s very possible you suck and you’re boring. It’s also possible you just don’t paint your interests to everyone in the proper light. So how do you convey others?

Seek to expand your knowledge on what interests you

Don't pretend to like things for the sake of others. Either they'll figure it out or you'll eventually get tired of pretending. You want people to remember you for who you are not, not a fake so just focus on your own interests.

Get firsthand experiences.

Okay now that you've figured out what you like and what your true interests are, go out into the world and experience them. Who doesn't like to hear a good story? When you get experiences in things you are passionate about, people will be able to see that and it'll make them much more interested in what you have to say.

Travel and talk to people that interest you.

What better way to meet people than by traveling? Seeing new places and meeting new people helps you gain confidence, new experiences and an overall learning experiences. Take the time to learn about yourself and share that with others. Talk to people that caught your attention and it'll all go from there.

Stay out of your comfort zone for a day...a week, a month.

Becoming more interesting is simple. Just walk the opposite direction of the herd. Having the courage to do so is where the difficulty arises. It's good to go out of your comfort zone because once you start doing so even if it is with simple tasks, you'll start feeling more confident in yourself and who you are. You'll slowly but surely will come to realize how interesting and cool you are, so do it and take the risk.